GABRIEL - Senior PLATFORM Engineer

Can you tell me what the mix of developers is like in your team?
In my team it’s pretty broad. We have developers coming from different countries which makes for an interesting cultural mix, we discover different cultures as part of the team with very different experiences. We have people that have worked in different countries and different types of companies. 

What’s the culture like at Distilled SCH?
The culture is nice I think, we have lots of different events, we like to play foosball as a team every once in a while, actually pretty much everyday. We have events organised, Murder Mystery nights, a barbecue party during summer and a Movie Night was organised recently so there’s lots of fun events which makes for a nice culture.

How do you use Elastic Search technology?
We use it when we search for properties on the Daft website, it’s mainly for how we want to display the results of the page. It makes things way faster then using a basic database. We started using it recently so it’s quite interesting to use that technology. 

What does career progression look like for you at Distilled SCH?  Are there clear routes in place that you could take?
Career progression is very good here as there’s lot of possibilities. I started as a Support Developer almost two years ago and have since then moved to more Software Development as part of the Web Team and I’m now starting to work mainly on the API parts of Daft. I think there are a lot of possibilities that the team is currently growing, so there are a lot of things that you can do and new things that you can try. 

What are your team meetings like?
Team meetings are great, we have daily standup meetings to know what everyone is doing that day, what new things we’re going to work on and problems anyone might have. We have different meetings depending on the need, if we have a big project we might have weekly meetings and see how tickets and tasks are going. 

Tell us about the development process when you’re working on a new project.
We get specification from the Product Team of what needs to be implemented and if it’s kind of front-end orientated then we’ll get the Design Team to advise us on how to create a nice design and how we should display things on the screen. Once development is done we use GitHub for maintaining our source code and then we open a pull request and everyone has to spend some time once in a while doing code reviews. We just review each other's code, give each other advice and try to see that everything fits our coding standards and that the unit test code rate is good enough. 

How do you keep up with constantly changing web standards/technologies?
I personally try to always keep an eye on technical or new things that come up on Hacker News or other websites like that. I went to the PHP UK conference with Daft, we try to go to conferences like that.  Sometimes a few of us will go to PHP Dublin meetups. It’s a good way to keep up with things. If we see a technology that might fit our needs then we might spend time investigating it as a team to see if it’s worth it or not. 

Do you have any insight for new or growing developers?
For new developers I would just say to spend your spare time trying things out, try to use new technologies and whatever you think that you’re interested. If you have any side projects then that’s great but if you don’t you can still try to build something that already exists as you’re still using and developing your skills. Don’t hesitate to ask questions to more senior people to get good feedback on best practice and things that you could improve on yourself. 

What’s your favourite thing about working at Distilled SCH?
First of all we want our users to be happy, make their experience exceptional. Provide them tools and content they are looking for. We want to be number one in the country and we want to be number one in Europe and the World.